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Are you having problems fitting everything into your non-fiction book? Problem solved. Include your additional content here and list the page in the bullet points or resource section of your chapters.

My publisher told me we didn't have room for all the interviews I had done. But they were good ones! Fortunately, I found a solution. I put the interviews (and some extra content) up as pages on The Bullet Point. Then all I had to do was include the page as one of the resources I listed at the end of each chapter. This was fine with my editor - it added real value to the book. Now that valuable extra content is available to readers when they want it, without making my book too large. - Steve Gillman

That's my own true story above, and those interviews I had to cut were the inspiration for this website. Sometimes there just isn't enough room for all the statistics you want to include in a book, or for that extra interview or that deeper explanation.

Sidebars, bullet points, and resource sections have become ubiquitous in non-fiction books, and web pages are the most common entry in these. That's great, but what if you can't find a decent resource to send the reader to, and you don't have room to say everything you want to in that chapter? Two solutions:

1. Write up as much extra content as you think the reader needs or wants, and send it to us - no charge. We'll create a page for it, and give you the URL. List that page in the resource section of your book. Why is this free? Because I'll have a few ads on each page.

2. Tell me what kind of information you need and for a minimal charge our team will do the research and writing to provide a valuable resource page for your readers. I can do this inexpensively thanks to my advertising revenue.

Either way you make your book better - more useful for your audience.

Some of Our Pages

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